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Schwagstock Pictures

This is My gallery of stuff that I sold or traded at some of the Schwagstocks that I've gone to!
I've also included some of the pictures my Mammy and I took while we were there!

down Shakedown Street!

Mammy Blowin' some bubbles, chillin'

Shannon at 7!

The Teal Rocket!!

Here's why we called it MUDSTOCK!

just hangin' havin' some fun!

These are things that I sold or traded at SCHWAGSTOCK VI!!!!!

Thong size 7 Rainbow Swirl

The pics below are from Schwagstock 8

The men in the teal rocket

My favorite neighbors, Ken and Scott!

April's Lightshow

April's "lightshow"

Mammy insisted on this one

gettin' ready for the wind.....

my Schtuff

let's sell some dyes!

These are what I sold or traded!!

ICHTHUS ala Whillard



One for Matt

coolie star for JIM

Jack got this one!

Suzanne's Mike got this!

flower/shroom for Craig



light rain/swirl



This gallery continued...

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