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Ain't no time to hate,Barely time to wait!-Robert Hunter

Here are some links that I like to share with people. The links open in a new window, on top of this one, so just close 'em, and you'll be back here!  Some have a brief description. I also like to participate in link exchanges!  If you would like to exchange equivalent links, email me!  I have my example banners/buttons at the bottom of this page.  If you'd rather have something different, let me know! Enjoy!
There are many more (very important, IMO) links on my Events page!

enlightening!Open Heart


Convergence Conspiracy Collective

Hippie Power

Hippie Power - All things groovy

Fight the Hatred!Hate Watch

 Important, informative! Step up and STOP THE HATRED!

I made this too! Lilac's Book-Random Advice and Hippy Values

Enlightening info, whether you're a hippy or not!

I made this too!Wildwood Instruments

Wonderful, HIGH QUALITY Handmade Drums and MORE!

Where I get my dyes and supplies. They have the best people, products, prices, service, and information ANYWHERE!

Tie Dye Phat Dyes teaches how-to Tie Dye up to 17 amazing patterns. Currently there are 8 different training courses being sold world wide. Tie Dye instructions available on download or DVD. Master tie dye artist shares 20 years of tie dye knowledge, tips, and tricks.

I made this too!Witches Closet and Dragon's Den

Witches Closet designs award winning Renaissance and Fantasy costumes for faires, LARP, LOTR, SCA, or everyday! - They made a LOT of the garments for our wedding!

I made this too!My dear friend Ana's Candles

go check out her candles!

Rock and Ro!Rosie O'Donnell! Gotta Love This Woman!

Rock and Ro!

Musicians Say No! To Bush World Order - to learn more, click!

This is the greatest gamimng league for players of Pogo games ever

This is a gaming league that I belong to where we play Pogo games! If you join a league, it should be this one. The people are wonderful!

Please donate anything you can and Tammy will walk and together we can help find a cure!

This is my friend Tammy, please help if you can. No amount is too small.

This woman makes great gift baskets! I bought one for my Mom!! Great prices, too!

This woman makes great gift baskets! I bought one for my Mom!! Great prices, too! Check it out!

This woman makes lovely tie dyed flower arrangements! She has complete wedding packages available! Great prices, too!

This woman makes lovely tie dyed flower arrangements! She also has complete wedding packages available! Great prices, too! Check it out!

They have much more than tie dyes! They have gifts, Buddha statues, Grateful Dead merch and more

They have gifts, Buddha statues, Grateful Dead merch and more! Check it out!

come buy and sell some groovy stuff

A Hip alternative to eBay for Hippies and kind folks! Check it out!

Truetiedyes DVDs

Buy the complete "Learn How To Tie Dye" video series, based on a system refined by the authors during ten years of producing and selling tie dyed clothing and tapestries. Includes Tie Dye 101 and Advanced Tie Dye Techniques. The essential resource for anyone interested in making spectacular tie dye. 3 DVDs total. Or you can get each volume seperately!

join the TRIBE!

Wonderful group,perpetuating the music of the Grateful Dead!

I made this too!BASSARTS.com

This guy is a Master of airbrush! He is amazing! The web site is very fun to browse just for the fun of it! CUSTOM CREATIVE Gifts, Art Gallery, PLASZMA, Games and More.

I made this too!

Liquidity Productions

My beloved Brian's and our friend Matt's Liquid Lightshow Company .

I made this too! Liquid Karma Lightshow

Liquid Lighshow event enhancement! A visual experience that'll BLOW YOUR MIND!!!


I made this too! VITAMEN A

I don't know what to say about these guys...
They will groove your butt off!!

Let's ROCK!!

Shotgun Susie has a fun site, just be ready for the pop ups.

I made this too!

I made this too!Official Grateful Dead Homepage

 The inspiration that started it all for me! The music never stopped! (Caveat: the band was the inspiration, not the site)

I made this too!

She has some killer shirt designs that I can't do!

For more really greoovy tie dye designs!

I made this too!

Kind Dyes!

- Some of the most beautiful tie dyes you'll ever see!

I made this too!

I made this too!Darkstar Orchestra

 These guys recreate entire Dead shows; You have to feel the music to believe it!

I made this too!

I made this too!

Paula Burch

 She is a hand dyeing and batik artist.  She has some beautiful pieces, and great instructions on her site!  Excellent links too! And she's REALLY brilliant!

I made this too!

I made this too!Fuji's Place!

 Many Dead and Dead oriented links! Even some show stories!

I made this too!

wonderful!Peace Conspiracy

 Promoting peace, harmony and goodwill by being proactive in networking causes that uplift the human condition.

I made this too!

They have excellent resources and links there!

This site is a member of WebRing. To browse visit here.

I made this too!

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