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Available Basic Tie Dye Styles (for bedding orders)

These are some basic styles that I can do on just about anything. The style number is below each picture.

For tie dyed sheets and tie-dye duvets*, I recommend any style shown(style numbers are below each picture). NOTE: crinkles don't get the same effects on flat woven cotton(like regular bed sheets) as they do on jersey!

*A tie dyed duvet is the same thing as a tie dyed comforter cover, it's just a fancy name. An actual comforter would be way too thick to tie dye with a design, so you will find that dyers usually offer duvets (comforter covers) instead. My duvets are flat woven cotton with button closure on one end.

The order form and shopping cart is at the bottom of the page, to make it simple, and reasonable prices are in place to not break your personal budget. With everything on the same page, you can see the tie dye styles as you choose!

Here are the approximate specifications of the sheet sets. I will add duvet specs as soon as I have time.

If you would like a tie dye style that you see here, but would rather have a different color combination, just let me know and I will see what I can do for you!

style 1

style 2

style 3

style 4


style 6

style 7

style 8

style 15

Tie Dye Sheet Set Twin Price: $100.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Sheet Set Full Price: $120.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Sheet Set Queen Price: $140.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Sheet Set King Price: $175.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Duvet - Twin Price: $90.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Duvet - Full/ Queen Price: $140.00
Select your style :
Tie Dye Duvet - King Price: $195.00
Select your style :
Extra Tie Dye Pillowcases Price: $25.00
Select your style :

If you have a bedding question, please email me : karen@tiedyequeen.com.

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